Company profile

Business Outline

  • Real estate (for resort development (including land only, facilities already built and in operation) / land for farming, mountain and forest for production)
  • Movable assets (livestock, such as race horses, cattle and pig / rights for revenue share in cultivation, breeding, harvesting of fishery, stockbreeding and agriculture)
  • Food (farm products, seafood, processed food of livestock, confectionery / other materials and pocessed food products)
  • Provision of services (sightseeing, travel, labor, and other services)
  • Project contracts (consulting / marketing research / reporting / project planning, development of base plan for business and facilities operations / other marketing and merchandising business)
  • Establishment and operation of investment company (purchase and management of assets in accordance with above operations operations to develop business with the profit on sale / recruiting investors and capital for the asset management / other related business)

Company Representatives

  • Tatsuya Hori / Chairman of the Board
  • (former Governor of Hokkaido, Chairman of Hokkaido Athletic Association Foundation
  • Kenji Kozanezawa / President
  • (Chairman of the Board, IT-Communications Inc.)

Head Office

Sigma Kita 3 Jo Building, 1-5, Kita 3 jo Nishi 3 chome,
Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0003 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)11-219-7721 / Fax +81-(0)11-219-7775