Our Objective

To Propagate the Charm of Hokkaido in a Global Perspective

Hokkaido is rich with resources unparalleled to not only in domestic market but also overseas. Through appropriate marketing and best out of the potential of its supply and demand as well as utilize it to its full advantage.

Our company was founded to perform strategic sales planning and proactive sales development, based on the business model specially designed for the marketing and merchandising Hokkaido and its products. We will execute marketing plans utilizing the unparalleled precious land of Hokkaido and its resources, not only domestically but also for overseas customers with capital strength and/or power of demand. And, we will build business model to coordinate the supply of highly valued items from various part of Hokkaido.

  • マーケティング
    An activity to facilitate smooth distribution of goods from the producers to the consumers by conducting research to discover goods and services the consumers are seeking for, to decide the product to supply and sales methodology.
  • マーチャンダイジング
    A kind of marketing activity, where companies supply products which satisfies the desire of the consumers, to the market with optimized quantity and price.