Business Description

  • Developing plans by analysis and verification of the target resource's essential and potential value.
  • Development of merchandising plan based on the result of the analysis, promotion of the merchandise and sales development.
  • Business development with development and adjustment of distribution flow.
  • Distribution of information to seller, buyer and other parties related to the distribution of goods, business development and coordination.
  • Achieving economic ripple effect towards the surrounding market of target resources, by adding new value to the Hokkaido's resources, increasing its revenue and activating the demand for it.

Moreover, in order to realize the above concepts,
it is necessary to spread the information globally. Thus,

  • For information distribution towards overseas, demand stimulation and sales development,
    we will set up dedicated dealers for the target regions.
  • The regional dealers will then develop and nominate counterparts with high credibility
    and capability, whose core business wins wide social cognition in the respective region.